Wheatgrass Juice with Apple and Ginger
Chocolate Coconut Cendol
Wheatgrass and Mango Smoothie
Kuih Lapis (Malaysian Dessert)
Superfood Wheatgrass Smoothie
Wheatgrass and Orange Juice Blend
Wheatgrass and Pineapple Juice Cooler
Wheatgrass Green Juice
Chocolate Banana Cake (Malaysian Chocolate Dessert)
Chocolate Kuih Lapis (Malaysian Chocolate Dessert)
Chocolate Onde-onde (Malaysian Chocolate Dessert)
Chocolate Seri Muka (Malaysian Chocolate Dessert)
Kuih Bingka Ubi (Malaysian Coconut Dessert)
Kuih Kosui (Malaysian Coconut Dessert)
Kuih Talam (Malaysian Coconut Dessert)
Onde-onde (Malaysian Coconut Dessert)
Seri Muka (Malaysian Coconut Dessert)