Weißwurst Salad with Apples and Walnuts
Weißwurst Salad with Potato and Cucumber
Weißwurst Salad with Sauerkraut and Mustard Dressing
Weißwurst Salad with Radishes and Cucumbers
Bavarian-style Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream and Dill
Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast Roll-Ups
Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake
Apple Pie French Toast Casserole
Banana Bread French Toast Casserole
Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast Roll-Ups
Bacon and Egg French Toast Roll-Ups
Bavarian Cabbage and Carrot Salad with Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing
Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Roll-Ups
Classic German Potato Salad with Pickles and Bacon
Creamy Potato and Radish Salad with Crispy Bacon
German Beet and Apple Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette
German-style Coleslaw with Caraway Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar
German-style Green Bean Salad with Dijon Mustard Dressing
Lemon Ricotta French Toast Roll-Ups
S'mores French Toast Roll-Ups
Stuffed French Toast Roll-Ups with Nutella and Banana
Warm German Potato and Sausage Salad with Mustard Dressing