Abalone and Lobster Risotto
Bacon and Mushroom Breakfast Strata
Bolivian Seafood and Shrimp Risotto
Caldo de camarones (Shrimp Soup)
Coq au Vin
Crab and Eggplant Casserole with Seafood Medley
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
Creamy Prawn and Seafood Balls
Creamy Seafood Risotto
Fideuá de Marisco
Fideuà de Mariscos (Seafood Noodle Paella)
Japanese Chicken Curry
Lobster and Seafood Risotto with Quenelles
Lobster and Shrimp Risotto
Lobster Bisque with French Seafood Medley
Lobster Poutine
Lobster Poutine with Fresh Cod
Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms
Longjing Prawns and Seafood Chowder
Okonomiyaki with Mushrooms and Cabbage
Pork Cassoeula Risotto
Salmon and Seafood Chowder with Velouté Sauce
Seafood and Pike Yushka Risotto
Seafood and Tuna Pot Pie Casserole
Seafood and Tuna Shepherd's Pie Casserole
Seafood and Vegetable Lasagna
Seafood Lasagna
Seafood Lasagna with Cappone Magri Sauce
Seafood Lasagna with Perlanera Fish Fillets
Seafood Risotto with Calamari and Shrimp
Shrimp and Scallop Risotto
Tuna and Seafood Casserole
Vegetarian Swedish Meatballs