Malty Flavored Recipes

American Pale Ale
American Wheat Beer
Barley Malt Syrup Banana Bread
Barley Malt Syrup Granola Bars
Barley Malt Syrup Ice Cream
Barley Malt Syrup Oatmeal
Barley Malt Syrup Pancakes
Bavarian Beer Soup
Bavarian Dunkelweizen
Beer and Chicken Soup
Beer and Corn Soup
Beer and Potato Soup
Beer Bread with Caramelized Onions
Beer Bread with Dried Fruit and Nuts
Beer Marinated Rinderbraten
Beer-Battered Backhendl
Beer-Battered Blooming Onion
Beer-Battered Chicken and Waffles
Beer-Battered Drunken Chicken
Beer-Battered Hushpuppies
Beer-Battered Sausage Bites
Beer-Braised Apple Jam
Beer-Braised Beer Can Chicken
Beer-Braised Weisswurst with Potatoes
Beer-Cheese Soup
Beer-Cranberry Jam
Beer-Jalapeno Jam
Belgian Blonde Ale
Belgian Blonde Ale
Belgian Strong Ale
Bierwurst and Beer Cheese Soup
Bintang Beer Popsicles
Bockwurst and Beer Stew
Bockwurst and Beer Stew
Boza-Flavored Ice Cream
Brewers Gold Belgian Wit
Brewers Gold Chocolate Stout
Brewers Gold Coffee Porter
Brewers Gold Honey Beer
Brewers Gold Honey Brown Ale
Brewers Gold IPA
Brewers Gold IPA
Brewers Gold Oatmeal Stout
Brewers Gold Pale Ale
Brewers Gold Pale Ale
Brewers Gold Spiced Amber Ale
Brown Ale
Brown Ale and Toffee Cake
Brown Sugar Sikhye
Bruz Belgian-Style Blonde Ale
Bruz Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale
Bruz Belgian-Style Dubbel
Bruz Belgian-Style Fruit Beer
Bruz Belgian-Style Pale Ale
Bruz Belgian-Style Quadrupel
Bruz Belgian-Style Saison
Bruz Belgian-Style Tripel
Burren Gold Guinness Stew
Caramel Apple Beer Cake
Caramel Corn Hefeweizen
Chestnut Dongdongju
Chocolate Berliner Weisse
Chocolate Stout
Chyorny Altai Kvass
Classic Caudle with Ale
Classic Helles Bock
Classic Kopi Tubruk
Cornbread Blonde Ale
Cranachan Eton Mess
Cranachan Meringue Pie
Cream Ale
German Helles Lager
Guinness and Chocolate Cake
Guinness Gingerbread Cake
Helles Doppelbock
Helles Dunkel
Helles Exportbier
Helles Kölsch
Helles Marzen
Helles Schwarzbier
Helles Weizenbier
Hite Beer-Braised Brisket
Hite Beer-Caramelized Onions
Hite Beer-Cheese Soup
Hite Beer-Marinated Steak
Honey Beer Bread
Honey Corn Ale
Honey Wheat Beer
Honey Wheat Beer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Horse Milk Macarons
Irish Red Ale
Knackwurst and Beer Soup
Knockdrinna Gold Beer-Cheese Soup
Malt Loaf with Chocolate Chips
Malt Loaf with Dried Fruit and Nuts
Malt Loaf with Marmalade and Raisins
Malt Loaf with Sultanas and Orange
Malted Milk Banana Bread
Malted Milk Brownies
Malted Milk Cake
Malted Milk Chocolate Brownies
Malted Milk Chocolate Cake
Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Blondies
Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies
Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Muffins
Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Malted Milk Chocolate Pudding
Malted Milk Chocolate Truffles
Malted Milk Fudge
Malted Milk Ice Cream
Malted Milk Milkshake
Malted Milk Shortbread
Maple Corn Lager
Meringue Pie
Milk Stout
Mugicha Ice Cream
Mugicha Latte
Mugicha Milkshake
Mugicha Popsicles
Münchner Altbier
Münchner Bock
Münchner Doppelbock
Münchner Dunkel
Münchner Export
Münchner Hell
Münchner Kellerbier
Münchner Lager
Münchner Pils
Mung Bean Sikhye
Munich Helles Beer
Oatmeal Porter
Oatmeal Stout
Oatmeal Stout Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Ovaltine Ice Cream
Ovaltine Milkshake
Ovaltine Pancakes
Popcorn Pilsner
Poshekhonsky Kvass
Pumpkin Ale Spice Cake
Raspberry Wheat Beer Cake
Roasted Corn Pale Ale
Rye Beer Bread
S'mores Root Beer Float
Schierker Feuerstein Beer Cheese Soup
Smoked Apple Beer
Smoked Black Lager Beer
Smoked Cherry Beer
Smoked Chipotle Beer
Smoked Honey Beer
Smoked Jalapeno Beer
Smoked Maple Beer
Smoked Porter Beer
Spiced Corn Ale
Sweet Corn Stout
Sweet Potato Sikhye
Toasted Corn Brown Ale
Traditional Peruvian Chicha de Jora
Uglichsky Kvass
Uglichsky Kvass Cake
White Ale Pound Cake
Whole Wheat Beer Bread
Whole Wheat Beer Bread