West African Recipes

Abula and Coconut Rice
Abula and Okra Soup
Abula and Peanut Sauce
Abula and Plantain Fritters
Abula and Spinach Stew
Abula and Yam Balls
Abula and Yam Porridge
Acaçá and Yam Porridge
African Groundnut Soup
African Locust Bean Fritters
African Okra Soup
African Peanut Rice
African Peanut Sauce
African Peanut Soup
African Peanut Stew
African-Style Chicken and Okra Stew
African-Style Chicken and Peanut Stew
African-Style Chicken and Plantain Stew
African-Style Palaver Sauce
Akok with Coconut Milk
Akok with Groundnut Sauce
Akok with Okra
Akok with Plantain
Akple Soup with Plantains
Alloco and Cassava Fries
Alloco and Plantain Pie
Alloco and Spinach Stew
Alloco and Yam Fritters
Alloco with Fried Plantains
Arunda Okra and Egg Stew
Arunda Yam and Peanut Stew
Baked Plantain Fritters
Ballokume with Cashew Nuts
Ballokume with Coconut and Mango
Ballokume with Coconut Milk
Ballokume with Peanut Sauce
Ballokume with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Bambara Groundnut and Coconut Curry
Bambara Groundnut and Okra Stew
Bambara Groundnut and Plantain Porridge
Bambara Groundnut and Vegetable Stew
Bambara Groundnut and Yam Balls
Bambara Groundnut and Yam Pottage
Bambara Groundnut Fritters
Bambara Groundnut Porridge
Bambara Groundnut Soup
Bambara Groundnut Stew
Banana Puff-Puff
Baye Baye Fish Stew
Baye Baye Fried Plantains
Baye Baye Jollof Rice
Baye Baye Okra Soup
Baye Baye Peanut Butter Stew
Baye Baye Peanut Soup
Baye Baye Stew
Benin Grilled Tilapia with Habanero Peppers
Bitter Leaf Fritters
Bitter Leaf Porridge
Bitter Leaf Stew
Bologi and Cassava Fufu
Bologi and Coconut Rice
Bologi and Groundnut Soup
Bologi and Sweet Potato Fufu
Bologi and Yam Porridge
Bologi Stew with Okra
Bologi with Fried Plantains
Bottle Gourd and Peanut Stew
Burkina Faso Grilled Chicken with Scotch Bonnet Peppers
Calabash and Coconut Milk Stew
Calabash and Lentil Stew
Calabash and Peanut Stew
Calabash and Plantain Stew
Calabash and Yam Porridge
Calabash Fritters
Calabash Soup
Caramel Puff-Puff
Cassava Fufu with Okra Soup
Chicken and Okra Soup
Chicken Maafe
Chin Chin Fritters
Choukouya (Goat Stew)
Classic Puff-Puff
Coconut Gari Porridge
Coconut Groundnut Soup
Coconut Jollof Rice
Coconut Maafe
Coconut Okra Soup
Coconut Palaver Sauce
Coconut Peppersoup
Coconut Puff-Puff
Cowpea and Coconut Soup
Cowpea and Sweet Potato Stew
Cowpea and Tomato Stew
Creamy Groundnut Soup
Creamy Okra Soup
Curry Palaver Sauce
Dika Oil-Fried Plantains
Doub Palm Fruit Soup
Editan Fried Plantains
Editan Yam Porridge
Eggplant Maafe
Egusi Soup with Egusi Balls
Egusi Soup with Oxtail
Elephant Foot Yam and Peanut Stew
Eru and Coconut Curry
Eru and Okra Stir-Fry
Eru and Peanut Stew
Eru and Plantain Fritters
Fish Maafe
Fluted Gourd Fritters
Fodòm Coconut Rice
Fodòm Jollof Rice
Fodòm Okra Soup
Fodòm Plantain Pottage
Fodòm Yam Porridge
Fonio and Chickpea Stew
Fonio and Lentil Curry
Fonio and Peanut Stew
Fonio and Plantain Fritters
Fonio and Spinach Soup
Fonio and Yam Croquettes
Fonio Pilaf with Roasted Vegetables
Fonio Porridge with Coconut Milk
Fried Lalap and Plantain
Fufu and Chicken Stew
Fufu and Coconut Curry
Fufu and Egusi Soup with Goat Meat
Fufu and Egusi Soup with Okra
Fufu and Egusi Soup with Plantains
Fufu and Egusi Soup with Spinach
Fufu and Egusi Stew
Fufu and Fish Stew
Fufu and Light Soup
Fufu and Okra Stew
Fufu and Oxtail Stew
Fufu and Palm Nut Soup
Fufu and Plantain Porridge
Fufu and Vegetable Stew
Fufu and Yam Porridge
Gari and Egg Stew
Gari and Groundnut Stew
Gari and Okra Soup
Gari and Plantain Fritters
Gari and Plantain Porridge
Gari and Spinach Stew
Gari Fritters with Coconut Milk
Gari Fufu with Vegetable Stew
Gari Porridge with Plantain
Gata-Style Coconut Stew
Gbofloto Coconut Rice
Gbofloto Jollof Rice
Gbofloto Plantain Porridge
Gbofloto Soup
Gbofloto Stew
Gbofloto Yam and Plantain Fritters
Gbofloto Yam Porridge
Gnetum and Peanut Stew
Gnetum and Plantain Porridge
Gnetum and Yam Fritters
Grilled Long-Leaved Plantain with Coconut
Groundnut and Coconut Rice
Groundnut Fritters
Groundnut Soup
Guinea Peanut Fritters
Guinea Peanut Stew
Instant Pot Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice with Lamb
Jollof Rice with Shrimp
Jollof Rice with Smoked Turkey
Kalao with Okra
Kalao with Plantains
Kaledo Jollof Rice
Kaledo Peanut Soup
Kluklu and Plantain Curry
Kluklu and Yam Porridge
Kola Nut Fritters
Kola Nut Pudding
Kola Nut Soup
Konkonte and Okra Stew
Kuli-Kuli Soup
Kundong and Plantain Fritters
Locust Bean and Fish Stew
Locust Bean and Pigeon Pea Stew
Locust Bean and Plantain Stew
Locust Bean and Vegetable Stew
Locust Bean and Yam Stew
Locust Bean Porridge
Long-Leaved Plantain and Sweet Potato Soup
Long-Leaved Plantain Fritters
Maafe with Okra
Maafe with Plantains
Maafe with Spinach
Maafe with Sweet Potatoes
Maafe with Yam
Mafé (Groundnut and Vegetable Stew)
Mafe (Groundnut Stew)
Mango Palaver Sauce
Melindjo Fried Plantains
Moale with Okra
Moale with Plantains
Moringa and Peanut Butter Stew
Moringa and Yam Porridge
Moringa Leaf Soup
Moringa Stew
Ngome Fish Stew
Ngome Groundnut Soup
Ngome Jollof Rice
Ngome Okra Soup
Ngome Plantain Fritters
Ngome Yam Porridge
Obusuma and Okra Soup
Obusuma and Peanut Soup
Obusuma and Plantain Pottage
Obusuma and Yam Porridge
Okra and Coconut Soup
Okra and Peanut Stew
Okra and Potato Stew
Okra Soup
One-Pot Jollof Rice with Chicken
Oxtail Peppersoup
Palm Butter Fritters
Palm Butter Soup
Palm Butter Stew
Palm Nut Soup
Palm Oil and Yam Porridge
Palm Oil Soup
Palm Oil Stew
Peanut Maafe
Pearl Millet and Vegetable Stew
Pigeon Pea and Yam Stew
Plantain and Chickpea Stew
Plantain and Fish Soup
Plantain and Peanut Butter Stew
Plantain and Peanut Soup
Plantain and Spinach Stew
Plantain and Yam Soup
Plantain Fufu with Palm Nut Soup
Plantain Nsala Soup
Pointed Gourd and Peanut Stew
Pomo Nsala Soup
Raffia Palm and Coconut Soup
Raffia Palm and Plantain Stew
Raffia Palm Fritters
Red Pepper Palaver Sauce
Red Red Stew
Remoudou Plantain Porridge
Rice Maafe
Roasted Kluklu with Peanut Sauce
Roasted Plantain & Yam Bowl
Sara'ba Bean Stew
Sara'ba Peanut Soup
Sara'ba Plantain Fritters
Sara'ba Yam Porridge
Sata-Style Fried Plantains
Sekba with Fish and Okra
Sekba with Groundnut Sauce
Sekba with Okra Sauce
Sekba with Plantain Sauce
Sekba with Plantains and Peanuts
Sekba with Rice and Beans
Sekba with Yam Sauce
Sesbania Stew
Soko and Coconut Stew
Soko and Okra Stew
Soko and Peanut Soup
Soko and Peanut Stew
Soko and Plantain Stew
Soko and Tomato Stew
Soko and Yam Porridge
Sopi with Okra
Spicy African Peanut Soup
Spicy Groundnut Soup
Spicy Groundnut Stew
Spicy Jollof Rice with Vegetables
Spicy Okra Soup
Spicy Palaver Sauce with Tomatoes
Spicy West African Chicken Curry
Sumbala-Spiced Grilled Chicken
Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew
Sweet Potato Groundnut Soup
Sweet Potato Maafe
Sweet Potato Peanut Soup
Tomato and Onion Palaver Sauce
Tuotuorou and Okra Stew
Tuotuorou and Plantain Stew
Ujuju Plantain Porridge
Vanilla Puff-Puff
Vegetable Maafe
Vegetarian Groundnut Soup
Vegetarian Jollof Rice
Vegetarian Maafe
Vegetarian Okra Soup
West African Chicken Soup
West African Locust Bean Soup
West African Peanut Soup
West African Peanut Stew (Maafe)
Yam Fufu with Peanut Soup