Aguadito de Mariscos
Brazilian Shrimp and Cassava Fritters
Cazuela de Mariscos (Colombian Seafood Rice Stew)
Clam Cake Sliders
Crab and Shrimp Empanadas with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Crab and Spinach Dip
Creamy Crawfish Soup
Garlicky Crab Dip
Laksa (Spicy Malaysian Noodle Soup with Coconut Milk and Seafood)
Lobster American Sauce Américaine
Peruvian Arroz con Mariscos
Quenelles Sauce Nantua Lyonnaise
Seafood Gumbo Fritters
Shrimp and Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms with Crab Meat
Shrimp and Lobster Tamales with Roasted Poblano Sauce
Spicy Salmon and Seafood Pasta with Louisiana-style Hot Sauce Cream Sauce