Nigerian Recipes

Abula and Egusi Soup
Abula Stew
Afang Soup with Assorted Meat
Afang Soup with Bitter Leaf
Afang Soup with Coconut Milk
Afang Soup with Egusi
Afang Soup with Okra
Afang Soup with Prawns
Afang Soup with Scent Leaves
Afang Soup with Smoked Fish
Afang Soup with Spinach
Afang Soup with Stockfish
Aiwowo Coconut Rice
Aiwowo Egusi Soup
Aiwowo Fried Fish
Aiwowo Jollof Rice
Aiwowo Okra Soup
Aiwowo Plantain Moi Moi
Aiwowo Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup
Aiwowo Suya Skewers
Aiwowo Yam Porridge
Almond Chin Chin
Àmàlà and Coconut Rice
Àmàlà and Egg Sauce
Amala and Gbegiri
Àmàlà and Okra Stew
Àmàlà and Peanut Sauce
Àmàlà and Plantain Porridge
Àmàlà and Vegetable Stew
Àmàlà and Yam Fritters
Àmàlà and Yam Pottage
Àmàlà Soup
Àmàlà Stew
Baked Chin Chin
Banana Chin Chin
Beef Peppersoup
Bitter Leaf and Coconut Curry
Bitter Leaf and Okra Soup
Bitter Leaf and Plantain Porridge
Bitter Leaf and Yam Pottage
Bitter Leaf Salad
Bitter Leaf Soup
Bitter Leaf Stir Fry
Bitterleaf Nsala Soup
Boiled Kluklu with Coconut Milk
Bukayo Soup
Caramel Chin Chin
Chocolate Puff-Puff
Cinnamon Chin Chin
Cinnamon Puff-Puff
Classic Nigerian Jollof Rice
Coconut Chin Chin
Crunchy Chin Chin
Edikang Ikong Soup
Edikang Ikong Stew
Edikang Ikong with Akpuruakpu
Edikang Ikong with Bitter Leaf
Edikang Ikong with Egusi
Edikang Ikong with Ewedu
Edikang Ikong with Ogbono
Edikang Ikong with Spinach
Edikang Ikong with Ugu
Edikang Ikong with Uziza
Editan Fish Stew
Editan Jollof Rice
Editan Peanut Soup
Editan Spicy Chicken Stew
Efo Riro
Egusi Akara
Egusi and Chicken Stew
Egusi and Fish Stew
Egusi and Okra Stew
Egusi and Plantain Stew
Egusi and Vegetable Soup
Egusi and Yam Porridge
Egusi Ewa Agoyin
Egusi Fufu
Egusi Gbegiri
Egusi Ijebu
Egusi Ijebu with Efo Riro
Egusi Moi Moi
Egusi Nsala Soup
Egusi Pottage
Egusi Soup
Egusi Soup with Beef and Fish
Egusi Soup with Bitterleaf
Egusi Soup with Chicken
Egusi Soup with Goat Meat
Egusi Soup with Okra
Egusi Soup with Plantain
Egusi Soup with Prawns
Egusi Soup with Rice
Egusi Soup with Smoked Fish
Egusi Stew
Egusi Stew with Spinach
Egusi Yam Porridge
Egusi-Vegetable Nsala Soup
Eromba with Roasted Peanuts and Garlic
Fish Peppersoup
Fluted Gourd Salad
Fluted Pumpkin Curry
Fluted Pumpkin Spice Cake
Fufu and Egusi Soup with Beef
Fufu and Egusi Soup with Fish
Fufu and Egusi Soup with Prawns
Gari and Beans
Gari and Coconut Milk Pudding
Gari and Coconut Rice
Gari and Egusi Soup
Gari and Fish Stew
Gari and Plantain Curry
Gari and Spinach Salad
Gari and Yam Soup
Garri and Beans Porridge
Garri and Gbegiri Soup
Garri and Groundnut Cake
Garri and Okro Stew
Garri and Yam Pottage
Garri Fufu with Egusi Soup
Garri Ijebu with Ewedu Soup
Garri Pancake with Coconut Milk
Garri Porridge with Plantain
Garri Pottage with Fish Stew
Gbofloto Egusi Soup
Gbofloto Moi Moi
Gombe Egusi Soup
Gombe Fufu
Gombe Kuka Soup
Gombe Miyan Kuka
Gombe Miyan Kuli-Kuli
Gombe Miyan Taushe
Gombe Miyan Wake
Gombe Miyan Zogale
Gombe Suya
Grilled Kilishi with Onions
Honey Chin Chin
Iru and Efo Riro
Iru and Egusi Fufu
Iru and Egusi Soup
Iru and Ewedu Soup
Iru and Gbegiri Soup
Iru and Moin Moin
Iru and Obe Ata
Iru and Okro Stew
Iru and Plantain Porridge
Iru and Yam Pottage
Kakuluwo Curry with Yam and Green Beans
Kaledo Plantain Pottage
Kilishi-Fried Rice
Kilishi-Spiced Burgers
Kilishi-Stuffed Chicken
Kilishi-Stuffed Peppers
Kilishi-Stuffed Plantains
Kilishi-Stuffed Potatoes
Kilishi-Topped Pizza
Kilishi-Wrapped Fish
Kosereva Jollof Rice
Kosereva Plantain Pottage
Kuli-Kuli Fried Rice
Kuli-Kuli Fritters
Kuli-Kuli Stew
Kuli-Kuli Wraps
Kumukunsi Jollof Rice
Kumukunsi Stew
Moi Moi
Moin Moin Rice
Moin Moin with Beans
Moin Moin with Coconut
Moin Moin with Egg
Moin Moin with Fish
Moin Moin with Fresh Tomatoes
Moin Moin with Mushrooms
Moin Moin with Peppers
Moin Moin with Plantain
Moin Moin with Spinach
Moin Moin with Yam
Ngome Plantain Pottage
Nguri Soup
Nigerian Egusi Soup
Nigerian Egusi Soup with Spinach
Nigerian Fufu and Egusi Soup
Nigerian Gari Fufu
Nigerian Locust Bean Stew
Nigerian Nsala Soup with Catfish
Nigerian Okoy (Fried Shrimp Fritters)
Nigerian Okra Soup
Nigerian Palm Nut Soup
Nigerian Peppersoup with Goat Meat
Nigerian Plantain Soup
Nigerian Suya Pepper Skewers
Nigerian Suya Skewers
Obusuma and Egusi Soup
Ofada Fried Rice
Ofada Fried Rice with Egusi
Ofada Jollof Rice
Ofada Rice and Beans
Ofada Rice and Coconut Curry
Ofada Rice and Plantain Pottage
Ofada Rice and Vegetable Salad
Ofada Rice and Yam Porridge
Ofada Rice with Beef and Peppers
Ofada Stew with Plantains
Ogbono Egusi Soup
Ogbono Fried Rice
Ogbono Jollof Rice
Ogbono Pepper Soup
Ogbono Soup
Ogbono Soup with Beef
Ogbono Soup with Chicken
Ogbono Soup with Plantain
Ogbono Soup with Spinach
Ogbono Stew with Fish
Ogbono Yam Porridge
Ogi Cake
Ogi Cookies
Ogi Fritters
Ogi Muffins
Ogi Porridge
Ogi Pudding
Ogi Smoothie
Ogi Soup
Ogi Stew
Ogiri and Amala
Ogiri and Beans Porridge
Ogiri and Egusi Fufu
Ogiri and Ewedu Stew
Ogiri and Moi Moi
Ogiri and Plantain Porridge
Ogiri and Vegetable Stew
Ogiri and Yam Porridge
Ogiri Egusi Soup
Ogiri Okpei (Groundnut Stew)
Ogonori Fritters
Ogonori Soup
Oha Nsala Soup
Okowa and Peanut Stew
Okowa and Plantain Fritters
Okowa and Plantain Pancakes
Okowa and Shrimp Stew
Okowa and Spinach Soup
Okowa and Tomato Stew
Okowa and Yam Balls
Okowa and Yam Porridge
Okoy with Bitter Leaf
Okoy with Egusi Soup
Okoy with Groundnut Stew
Okoy with Plantain and Yam
Okra Nsala Soup
Peanut Butter Chin Chin
Peanut Uji Porridge
Raffia Palm and Coconut Curry
Sara'ba Fish Stew
Sara'ba Spicy Stew
Sara'ba Vegetable Stew
Seafood Peppersoup
Seje Oil-Marinated Grilled Chicken
Spicy Bubu Lubu Soup
Spicy Chicken and Cheese Piattos
Spicy Chicken Peppersoup
Spicy Chin Chin
Spicy Fufu and Egusi Soup
Spicy Goat Meat Pepper Soup
Spicy Kilishi with Peanuts
Tinapa and Egg Fried Rice
Tinapa and Potato Stew
Tinapa and Spinach Frittata
Tinapa and Tomato Salad
Tinapa and Vegetable Soup
Tinapa Fried Rice
Tomato Groundnut Soup
Ugu and Coconut Rice
Ugu and Coconut Stew
Ugu and Egusi Stew
Ugu and Fish Pie
Ugu and Okro Soup
Ugu and Peanut Sauce
Ugu and Plantain Porridge
Ugu and Spinach Fritters
Ugu and Vegetable Salad
Ugu and Yam Pottage
Ujuju Plantain Fritters
Yam Nsala Soup