Fizzy Flavored Recipes

815 Cola Float
Acetomel and Rosemary Fizz
Apple Cinnamon Soda
Ayran-Ginger Ale
Bitter Lemon and Ginger Ale Float
Chilsung Cider Mule
Chocolate Cherry Cola Float
Chocolate Cola Cake
Classic Root Beer Float
Classic Root Beer Float
Coca Cola Brownie Batter Float
Coca-Cola Caramel Popcorn
Coca-Cola Cupcakes
Coca-Cola Float
Fried Coke Milkshake
Ginger Ale Punch
Jägermeister and Ginger Ale
Limoncello Prosecco Float
Mexican Coke Float
Mitsuya Cider Highball (Mitsuya Cider mixed with whisky or shochu)
Orange Creamsicle Root Beer Float
Red Bull and Gin Fizz
Red Bull and Jägerbomb
Root Beer Float
Root Beer Float
Root Beer Float Snow Cone
Shōchū Ginger Ale
Shōchū Highball
Soju Grapefruit Spritzer
Sparkling Citrus Punch
Sparkling Watermelon Limeade