Colombian Recipes

Arracacha and Cheese Empanadas
Bollo de Carne (Beef Bollo)
Bollo de Maiz (Corn Bollo)
Bollo de Pollo (Chicken Bollo)
Bollo de Yuca (Cassava Bollo)
Cayeye with Avocado and Cheese
Cayeye with Beef and Potatoes
Cayeye with Chicken and Peppers
Cayeye with Mushrooms and Spinach
Cayeye with Pineapple and Bacon
Cayeye with Plantains and Black Beans
Cayeye with Shrimp and Coconut
Cayeye with Sweet Potato and Corn
Charichuelo-Stuffed Plantains
Charichuelo-Style Beef Empanadas
Charichuelo-Style Chicken Soup
Charichuelo-Style Fried Rice
Charichuelo-Style Tamales
Chicharrón con Arepa
Chicharrón con Arepa y Huevo
Chicken and Hogao Rice
Chocho and Plantain Empanadas
Classic Colombian Cayeye with Pork
Classic Colombian Hogao
Classic Lechona with Rice and Beans
Colombian Ajiaco with Corn and Chicken
Colombian Chicha de Yuca
Colombian Encebollado with Potatoes
Colombian Locrio de Arroz
Colombian Sancocho Cozido
Colombian Sapote Flan
Colombian-Style Roast Pork Lechona
Grilled Pork with Hogao Sauce
Hogao-Braised Lamb
Hogao-Glazed Salmon
Hogao-Marinated Steak
Hogao-Spiced Vegetables
Hogao-Stuffed Peppers
Hogao-Style Shrimp
Hogao-Topped Baked Potatoes
Lechona Stuffed with Cheese and Bacon
Lechona with Chorizo and Sweet Potato
Lechona with Pineapple and Coconut
Lechona with Plantain and Sausage
Obleas with Chocolate and Coconut
Obleas with Dulce de Leche and Coconut
Obleas with Mango and Cream Cheese
Patacones con Hogao
Pollo Frito Manteca Colorá
Posta Sudada with Pork and Plantains
Queso Costeño and Avocado Salad
Queso Costeño and Chorizo Empanadas
Queso Costeño and Rice Casserole
Queso Costeño Stuffed Peppers
Queso Llanero and Chorizo Empanadas
Queso Llanero and Potato Gratin
Queso Llanero Stuffed Peppers
Queso Paipa and Chorizo Empanadas
Queso Paipa Stuffed Peppers
Raspadura and Cheese Empanadas
Sancocho de Pescado
Spicy Cayeye with Chorizo
Spicy Lechona with Chorizo
Tumo de Caso and Plantain Empanadas