Uyghur-Style Lamb Lagman
Asian-inspired Uyghur Dumplings
Asian-inspired Uyghur Fried Rice
Asian-style Uyghur Noodle Soup
Uyghur Lamb Pilaf
Uyghur-style Cumin Lamb Skewers
Uyghur-style Spicy Chicken Stir Fry
Uyghur-style Spicy Lamb Skewers
Umngqusho and Sweet Potato Mash
Pap and Wors - a traditional South African dish with African roots
Central Asian Beef and Potato Stew
Central Asian Beef Shashlik
Central Asian Lamb Kebabs with Yogurt Sauce
Bobotie - a South African dish with African spices and flavors
Bunny Chow - a South African street food with Indian influences
Chakalaka - a South African vegetable relish with African spices
Jollof Rice - a West African dish popular in South Africa