Traditional Maltese Imqaret
Traditional Maltese Ftira with Tuna and Capers
Traditional Maltese Ftira (flatbread sandwich)
Traditional Maltese Rabbit Stew
Traditional Maltese Rabbit Stew with Olives and Capers
Traditional Maltese Timpana (baked pasta dish)
Traditional Maltese Ftira Bread with Grilled Vegetables
Traditional Maltese Ftira Bread with Mediterranean Herbs and Cheese
Traditional Maltese Ftira (Flatbread Sandwich)
Traditional Maltese Timpana (Baked Pasta Dish)
Ħobż biż-żejt
Ħobż tal-Kwareżimal
Finnan Haddie and Tomato Soup
Maltese Bigilla (Broad Bean Dip)
Maltese Style Fish Soup with Tomatoes and Saffron
Mediterranean Grilled Octopus with Lemon and Olive Oil
Maltese Kapunata (Vegetable Stew)
Maltese Lampuki Pie (Fish Pie)
Maltese Stuffed Artichokes
Maltese Style Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint and Garlic
Maltese Style Octopus Salad with Fennel and Orange
Mediterranean Baked Sea Bass with Maltese Lemon and Herb Dressing
Mediterranean Grilled Swordfish with Maltese Tomato Sauce
Mediterranean Roasted Eggplant with Maltese Tomato and Onion Relish
Mediterranean Shakshuka (Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce)
Mediterranean Tzatziki (Yogurt and Cucumber Dip)
Maltese Ftira Bread with Mediterranean Toppings
Maltese Islands Inspired Ftira Bread with Tuna and Capers
Mediterranean Style Ftira Bread with Maltese Sausage and Olives
Cullen Skink (Scottish Smoked Haddock Soup)
Scottish Mussel Soup
Finnan Haddie and Corn Chowder
Finnan Haddie Chowder
Scottish Fish and Leek Soup
Scottish Fish and Potato Soup
Scottish Salmon Soup
Scottish Seafood Chowder
Smoked Haddock and Potato Soup
Smoked Haddock and Sweetcorn Chowder