Beetroot and Carrot Soup
Moringa and Sweet Potato Soup
Roasted Pumpkin Soup
Spicy Sweet Potato Soup
Lotus Root and Pork Soup
Burdock Root Soup
Salsify and Potato Soup
Creamy Scorzonera Soup
Skirret and Bacon Soup
Creamy Turnip Soup
Creamy Broccoli Soup
Sweet Potato and Squash Soup
Curried Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup
Traditional Steckr├╝beneintopf
Creamy Cauliflower Soup
Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup
Roasted Radish and Carrot Soup
Celeriac and Leek Soup
Parsnip and Apple Soup
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
Sweet Potato and Kale Soup
Bavarian Carrot and Ginger Soup
Beetroot and Coconut Soup
Cape Verdean Caldo Verde Soup with Collard Greens and Chorizo
Chinese Pork and Lotus Root Soup
Creamy Carrot and Ginger Soup
Creamy German Potato Soup
Creamy Kohlrabi and Bacon Soup
Creamy Parsnip and Apple Soup
Creamy Parsnip and Scorzonera Soup
Creamy Parsnip and Turnip Soup
Creamy Parsnip Soup
Creamy Scorzonera and Celery Root Soup
Creamy Scorzonera and Leek Soup
Creamy Scorzonera and Mushroom Soup
Creamy Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup
Creamy Sweet Potato and Chestnut Soup
Creamy Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon
Creamy Turnip and Mushroom Soup
Egyptian Red Lentil Soup with Cumin and Lemon
Ethiopian Lentil Soup with Berbere Spice
Filipino Pork and Taro Soup
German Beet and Fennel Soup
German Lentil and Sausage Soup
German Turnip and Leek Soup
Ghanaian Groundnut Soup with Chicken and Okra
Gingered Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup
Hearty German Beef and Cabbage Soup
Indonesian Pork and Cassava Soup
Japanese Pork and Kabocha Squash Soup
Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
Kenyan Sweet Potato and Kale Soup with Coconut Milk
Korean Pork and Kimchi Soup
Malaysian Pork and Turnip Soup
Moroccan Carrot Soup with Harissa and Yogurt
Moroccan Sweet Potato Soup with Chickpeas
Nigerian Egusi Soup with Spinach and Tomatoes
Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup
Roasted Root Vegetable and Scorzonera Soup
Roasted Root Vegetable Soup with Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Root Vegetable Soup with Turnips
Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup
Root Vegetable and Turnip Chowder
Rutabaga and Mushroom Soup
Scorzonera and Carrot Soup with Ginger and Turmeric
Scorzonera and Cauliflower Soup with Parmesan Crisps
Scorzonera and Potato Soup with Crispy Bacon
Scorzonera and Sweet Potato Soup with Coconut Milk
Singaporean Pork and Radish Soup
Smoky Sweet Potato and Tomato Soup
South African Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk
Spiced Turnip and Carrot Soup
Spicy German Rutabaga and Chorizo Soup
Spicy Pork and Daikon Soup
Spicy Pumpkin Soup
Spicy Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup with Lime
Sweet Potato and Turnip Soup with Ginger
Thai Pork and Sweet Potato Soup
Thai Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup
Tunisian Chickpea Soup with Harissa and Mint
Turnip and Apple Soup with Sage
Turnip and Bacon Soup
Turnip and Leek Soup with Crispy Shallots
Turnip and Potato Soup with Bacon
Vietnamese Pork and Carrot Soup
West African Peanut Soup with Sweet Potatoes