Roasted Nettle Soup with Potatoes and Leeks
Creamy Roasted Nettle Soup
Nettle and Potato Soup
Nettle and Mushroom Soup
Pecora Grossetana-Style Lamb and White Bean Stew
Hungarian Lamb Goulash with Paprika and Sour Cream
French Lamb Stew with Herbs de Provence and Root Vegetables
Greek Lamb Stew with Orzo and Feta
Irish Lamb Stew with Guinness and Potatoes
Italian Lamb and Vegetable Stew
Moroccan Lamb Stew with Chickpeas and Apricots
Persian Lamb Stew with Pomegranate and Walnuts
Slow Cooker Italian Lamb Stew
Spicy Indian Lamb Stew with Garam Masala and Yogurt
Tuscan Lamb Stew with White Beans
Nettle and Broccoli Soup
Nettle and Carrot Soup
Nettle and Cauliflower Soup
Nettle and Leek Soup
Nettle and Pea Soup
Nettle and Spinach Soup
Nettle and Sweet Potato Soup