Pittsburgh-Style Chipped Chopped Ham Sandwich
Pittsburgh-Style Fried Fish Sandwich
Pittsburgh-Style Haluski
Pittsburgh-Style Hot Dog
Pittsburgh-Style Kielbasa and Sauerkraut
Pittsburgh-Style Pierogi
Pittsburgh-Style Potato Pancakes
Pittsburgh-Style Primanti Brothers Sandwich
Pittsburgh-Style Sausage Sandwich
Pittsburgh-Style Stuffed Cabbage
Pittsburgh-style Chicken and Waffles8
Pittsburgh-style Fish Sandwich7
Pittsburgh-style Fish Sandwich with Tartar Sauce and Cheese6
Pittsburgh-style Grilled Cheese Sandwich10
Pittsburgh-style Ham BBQ Sandwich8
Pittsburgh-style Hot Dog with Chili and Coleslaw5
Pittsburgh-style Italian Hoagie Sandwich5
Pittsburgh-style Kielbasa and Sauerkraut10
Pittsburgh-style Kielbasa Sandwich6
Pittsburgh-style Meat and Potato Pie7
Pittsburgh-style Pierogies3
Pittsburgh-style Primanti Bros
Pittsburgh-style Roast Beef Sandwich3
Pittsburgh-style Roast Beef with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes9
Pittsburgh-style Salad with French Fries and Ranch Dressing4
Pittsburgh-style Sloppy Joe Sandwich9
Pittsburgh-style Turkey Devonshire Sandwich4
Pittsburgh-style Ham Barbecue Sandwich8
Pittsburgh-style Pierogies4
Pittsburgh-style Chicken and Waffles 8
Pittsburgh-style Fish Sandwich 7
Pittsburgh-style Fish Sandwich with Tartar Sauce and Cheese 6
Pittsburgh-style Grilled Cheese Sandwich 10
Pittsburgh-style Ham BBQ Sandwich 8
Pittsburgh-style Hot Dog with Chili and Coleslaw 5
Pittsburgh-style Italian Hoagie Sandwich 5
Pittsburgh-style Kielbasa and Sauerkraut 10
Pittsburgh-style Kielbasa Sandwich 6
Pittsburgh-style Meat and Potato Pie 7
Pittsburgh-style Pierogies 3
Pittsburgh-style Roast Beef Sandwich 3
Pittsburgh-style Roast Beef with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes 9
Pittsburgh-style Salad with French Fries and Ranch Dressing 4
Pittsburgh-style Sloppy Joe Sandwich 9
Pittsburgh-style Turkey Devonshire Sandwich 4
Pittsburgh-style Ham Barbecue Sandwich 8
Pittsburgh-style Pierogies 4
Pittsburgh-style Coleslaw
Pittsburgh-style Fried Fish Sandwich
Pittsburgh-style Haluski
Pittsburgh-style Ham Barbecue
Pittsburgh-style Hot Sausage Sandwich
Pittsburgh-style Italian Wedding Soup
Pittsburgh-style Pierogies
Pittsburgh-style Potato Salad
Kolompeh with Apricots and Pistachios
Pistachio Nazook
Basbousa with Orange and Honey
Basbousa with Rosewater and Pistachios
Caramel Basbousa
Coconut Basbousa Cake
Semolina Basbousa with Coconut
Vanilla-Cucumber Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
Date and Caramel Squares
Date and Chocolate Chip Squares
Date and Cinnamon Squares
Date and Coconut Squares
Manchet Bread with Figs and Walnuts
Date and Walnut Challah
Apple Cinnamon Kanafeh
Caramelized Banana and Nutella Kanafeh
Nutella and Marshmallow Kanafeh
Pistachio and Rosewater Kanafeh
Khubz with Feta and Olives
Khubz with Labneh and Za'atar
Khubz with Tahini and Honey
Khubz with Za'atar and Labneh
Markook with Mushrooms and Onions
Markook with Za'atar
Saj Bread with Caramelized Onions
Saj Bread with Feta and Mint
Saj Bread with Hummus
Saj Bread with Roasted Red Peppers
Saj Bread with Sesame Seeds
Saj Bread with Spinach and Cheese
Saj Bread with Za'atar and Olive Oil
Samoon with Cheese and Herbs
Shirmal with Almonds and Honey
Shirmal with Saffron and Cardamom
Spicy Lamb Taboon Bread
Za'atar and Halloumi Taboon Bread
Cardamom-Spiced Ma'amoul
Chocolate-Filled Ma'amoul
Nutmeg-Spiced Ma'amoul
Chocolate Ghoriba with Dates
Cinnamon-Sugar Ghoriba
Orange Ghoriba with Almonds
Spiced Ghoriba with Pistachios
Kahk with Orange Blossom Syrup
Kahk with Pistachio and Cardamom
Nutella Kahk
Tahini Caramel Swirl Cookies
Barley Bread with Raisins and Almonds
Kaak with Dates and Pistachios
Bambalouni with Chocolate and Almonds
Bambalouni with Orange and Walnuts
Bambalouni with Orange Blossom Syrup
Pişme Künefe
Caramelized Onion and Feta Khobz
Spicy Harissa Khobz
Almond Ghoriba
Cinnamon Ghoriba
Coconut Ghoriba
Ghoriba with Orange Blossom Syrup
Chebakia with Rose Water and Cardamom
Seffa with Cinnamon and Almonds
Seffa with Coconut and Raisins
Pomegranate Murabba
Asida with Coconut and Cardamom
Asida with Orange Blossom and Cinnamon
Pistachio Muhallebi
Sycamore Fig and Almond Cake
Coconut Kadayıf with Honey
Spiced Kadayıf with Dates and Nuts
Cardamom Künefe with Pistachios
Coconut Künefe with Coconut Milk
Orange Blossom Künefe with Honey
Rosewater Künefe with Almonds
Date-Walnut Saray Helva
Chocolate-Covered Camel Milk Truffles
Skyr and Blueberry Smoothie
Halvaytar with Dates and Walnuts
Halvaytar with Pistachios and Honey
Date Honey and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Rose Syrup and Lemon Curd Parfait
Date and Almond Bars
Chebakia with Cardamom and Coconut
Chebakia with Rose Water and Pistachios
Date Sesame Seed Cake
Sfouf with Coconut and Pistachio
Sfouf with Dates and Almonds
Sfouf with Honey and Walnuts
Sfouf with Orange Blossom Syrup
Almond Halva
Sesame Halva
Jordan Almond Cookies
Qishta and Almond Cookies
Qishta and Chocolate Truffles
Qishta and Walnut Baklava
Talbina Bread with Walnuts
Talbina Cake with Dates and Nuts
Talbina Pancakes with Cinnamon
Cinnamon and Raisin Kleicha
Date and Coconut Kleicha
Date and Nut Kleicha
Walnut and Cardamom Kleicha
Masgati with Rose Water and Coconut
Cinnamon-Sugar Qurabiya
Honey-Glazed Qurabiya
Orange-Scented Qurabiya
Rosewater and Pistachio Cookies
Cinnamon Maamoul
Coconut Maamoul
Date and Walnut Maamoul
Fig and Honey Maamoul
Cinnamon Kue Kaak
Classic Sfenj with Orange Blossom Water
Sfenj with Cinnamon and Walnuts
Sfenj with Coconut and Cardamom
Sfenj with Orange Blossom Water and Coconut
Booza-Infused Cupcakes
Chilgoza Pine Nut and Pistachio Baklava
Halva Semolina Cake
Almond and Cardamom Kulfi
Israeli Jerusalem Bagels with Quinoa Tabbouleh
Chocolate Basbousa with Caramel Drizzle
Künefe with Cardamom and Cinnamon Sugar
Date and Walnut Kunefe with Cinnamon Sugar Topping
Chocolate Ma'amoul Cookies
Orange Blossom Kunafa Dessert
Traditional Pistachio Kanafeh Dessert
Baklava Cheesecake - a fusion of Middle Eastern and Western desserts, combining the flavors of baklava with a creamy cheesecake filling
Cardamom and Honey Semolina Cake Kolompeh
Cardamom Orange Blossom Cheesecake Bambalouni
Chebakia Cookies - a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with honey, sesame seeds, and spices
Chicken Shawarma with Homemade Pita Bread
Chocolate and Hazelnut Halva Tart
Chocolate and Orange Blossom Semolina Cake
Date and Walnut Cake - a rich and moist cake made with sweet dates and crunchy walnuts, a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine
Date and Walnut Ma'amoul Cookies with Orange Blossom Water
Egyptian Basbousa Cake with Coconut and Almonds
Fatayer Spinach and Feta Pastry
Fatayer Spinach and Feta Stuffed Bread
Fig Maamoul
Figs and Cream Phyllo Cups
Halva and Almond Cake
Honey and Almond Basbousa
Honey and Almond Kanafeh Baklava
Honey and Almond Semolina Cake (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Hummus and Tabouli Wrap
Khobz Al Tawa
Mixed Berry Icelandic Smoothie Bowl
Mochi (Japanese dessert)
Muhallabia (Almond Milk Pudding)
Orange Blossom and Almond Flourless Cake
Orange Blossom and Pistachio Semolina Cake
Orange Blossom Semolina Cake
Pistachio and Almond Biscotti with Cardamom
Pistachio Halva - a sweet and nutty Middle Eastern dessert made with ground sesame seeds and pistachios
Pistachio Shortbread Cookies with Rosewater Glaze
Rosewater and White Chocolate Truffles with Pistachio Crust
Rosewater Rice Pudding - a classic Middle Eastern dessert made with fragrant rosewater and creamy rice pudding
Saffron and Pistachio Rice Pudding
Saj Bread with Spinach and Feta Cheese Filling
Seffa with Pistachios and Orange Blossom Water (Seffa)
Talbina Bread with Pistachios and Honey
Turkish Delight Stuffed Dates with Chocolate Drizzle
Umm Ali (Middle Eastern bread pudding)
Za'atar and Feta Scones
Znoud El Sit
Znoud El-Sit with Cream and Syrup
Turkish Rice Pudding with Cinnamon and Pistachios
Saffron and Cardamom Rice Pudding
Balah El Sham
Saffron Rice Pudding with Rosewater and Pistachios
Shebakia (Moroccan sesame cookie with honey)
Muhallabia (Middle Eastern milk pudding)
Babka (Eastern European sweet bread)
Chocolate Hazelnut Maamoul Cake
Coconut and Mango Kulfi Parfait
Date and Walnut Cupcakes with Tahini Frosting
Halva and Sesame Seed Cookies
Markouk Bread Recipe
Moroccan Baghrir Pancakes with Honey and Butter
Walnut Baklava Brownies
California Turkey Club Sandwich 9
Chicago-style Italian Beef Sandwich 6
Cuban Sandwich 10
Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich 7
Maine Lobster Roll Sandwich 5
New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwich 4
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich 3
Sandwich 2
Texas-style BBQ Brisket Sandwich 8
Almond Maamoul
Fig and Almond Cake
Orange Blossom Maamoul
Pistachio Ghoriba
Rosewater Maamoul
Saj Bread with Za'atar
Basbousa with Coconut and Almonds
Cardamom Saffron Ice Cream
Chocolate Basbousa
Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)
Rice Pudding with Rose Water and Pistachios
Turkish Delight Brownies
Chocolate and Hazelnut Baklava Cake
Chocolate and Hazelnut Baklava
Pistachio and Rosewater Semolina Cake
Baklava Semolina Cake
Cardamom Basbousa
Coconut Basbousa
Date Semolina Cake
Honey Semolina Cake
Orange Blossom Basbousa
Pistachio Basbousa
Rosewater Basbousa
Semolina Basbousa
Almond and Rosewater Cake
Almond Baklava
Nutty Ma'amoul Cookies
Pistachio and Almond Halva
Baklava Cheesecake Bars
Baklava Cupcakes
Iraqi Kubba with Bulgur Pilaf
Lebanese Za'atar Flatbread with Farro Salad
Persian Barley Soup with Barley Bread
Turkish Pide Bread with Freekeh and Lentil Stew
Basbousa with Rosewater Syrup
Baklava with Pistachios and Honey
Caramel Basbousa Cake
Cardamom and Orange Basbousa with Salted Caramel Sauce
Pistachio Basbousa with Caramel Sauce
Rosewater Basbousa with Caramelized Pears
Cardamom and Honey Künefe Dessert
Cardamom and Rosewater Künefe Dessert
Cardamom and Saffron Künefe with Rose Petal Syrup
Cardamom Künefe Dessert Recipe
Künefe with Cardamom and Pistachios
Middle Eastern Cardamom Künefe Recipe
Middle Eastern Künefe with Cardamom and Almonds
Middle Eastern Sweet Cheese Künefe with Cardamom
Pistachio and Cardamom Künefe with Orange Blossom Syrup
Coconut and Almond Kunefe with Orange Blossom Syrup
Coconut Kunefe with Pistachio Crumble
Middle Eastern Kunefe with Rosewater Syrup
Pistachio and Cardamom Kunefe with Honey Drizzle
Baklava Cake
Turkish Delight Cake
Date Ma'amoul Cookies
Ma'amoul Cookies
Pistachio Ma'amoul Cookies
Walnut Ma'amoul Cookies
Middle Eastern Pistachio Kanafeh
Pistachio Kanafeh
Halva Brownies
Turkish Delight Cheesecake
Almond and Cardamom Shortbread Cookies
Almond and Coconut Macaroons with Rosewater Glaze
Almond and Orange Blossom Cookies
Almond and Pistachio Maamoul Cookies
Almond Baklava Cookies
Asida with Dates and Nuts
Atayef Asafiri
Baklava (Middle Eastern dessert)
Baklava (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Baklava (Middle Eastern sweet pastry)
Baklava Bars
Baklava Basbousa
Baklava Brownies with Chocolate and Pistachios
Baklava Cheesecake
Baklava Cookies
Baklava Kanafeh Cups
Baklava Seffa
Baklava Stuffed Cookies (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Baklava with Halva Filling
Baklava with Mixed Fruits
Barbari Bread
Barbari Bread with Sesame Seeds and Nigella Seeds
Basbousa (Middle Eastern dessert)
Basbousa (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Basbousa (Semolina Cake with Syrup)
Basbousa (Semolina Cake)
Basbousa (Semolina Cake) with Orange Blossom Syrup
Basbousa Cake
Basbousa with Coconut and Semolina
Beef Kofta Kebabs with Naan Bread
Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl
Cardamom and Orange Blossom Rice Pudding
Cardamom and Orange Blossom Saffron Cake
Cardamom and Saffron Rice Pudding
Cardamom Chocolate Truffles with Rose Petals
Cardamom Kanafeh Tart
Cardamom Maamoul
Cardamom Orange Cake
Cardamom Rice Pudding with Saffron Syrup
Cardamom Saffron Rice Pudding
Cardamom Saffron Shortbread Cookies (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Cardamom Spiced Date Bars
Chocolate and Pistachio Maamoul Cookies
Chocolate and Tahini Halva Tart
Chocolate Hazelnut Kanafeh Brownies
Chocolate Maamoul
Chocolate Pistachio Halva Truffles
Chocolate Tahini Brownies (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Churros (Spanish dessert)
Crepes (French dessert)
Date and Almond Filled Cookies
Date and Almond Maamoul Cookies
Date and Walnut Bars with Cardamom
Date and Walnut Basbousa
Date and Walnut Cake
Date and Walnut Chocolate Truffles
Date and Walnut Cookies (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Date and Walnut Kanafeh Cake
Date and Walnut Ma'amoul
Date and Walnut Ma'amoul Cookies
Date Maamoul
Date Maamoul Cookies
Date-filled Ma'amoul Cookies
Egyptian Kahk Cookies with Pistachio Filling
Falafel Pita Bread Sandwich
Falafel Pita Sandwich
Fattoush Pita Bread
Fattoush Salad Pita Bread
Fattoush Salad with Pita Chips
Figs in Honey and Orange Blossom Water
Flan (Mexican dessert)
Halva (Middle Eastern dessert)
Halva (Sesame Seed Candy)
Halva (Sesame Seed Candy) with Pistachios and Honey
Halva and Fig Tart
Halva and Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwiches
Halva Blondies
Halva Cake
Halva Cheesecake Bars
Halva Chocolate Chip Cookies (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Halva Chocolate Truffles
Halva Ice Cream
Halva Ice Cream Sandwiches
Halva Ice Cream with Sesame Brittle
Halva Rice Pudding
Halva Stuffed Dates
Halva with Tahini and Pistachios
Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles
Honey and Almond Basbousa Cake
Honey and Almond Cake
Honey and Almond Phyllo Pastry
Honey and Sesame Halva Bars
Honey and Walnut Semolina Cake
Honey Maamoul
Honey Sesame Cookies
Hummus and Tabouli Wrap with Markook Bread
Kanafeh (Middle Eastern Sweet Cheese Pastry) with Pistachios and Orange Blossom Syrup
Kanafeh Cheesecake Bars
Kanafeh Middle Eastern Sweet Bread
Khobz Lebanese Bread with Za'atar and Sumac
Kunafa (Middle Eastern Cheese Pastry)
Kunafa (Middle Eastern Cheese Pastry) with Pistachios and Rosewater Syrup
Kunafa (Middle Eastern Cheese Pastry) with Sweet Cheese Filling and Rose Syrup
Kunafa (Middle Eastern dessert)
Kunafa (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Kunafa Cheesecake Bars (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Kunafa with Pistachio Filling
Kunafa with Ricotta and Pistachios
Kunafa with Sweet Cheese and Rose Water Syrup
Lahmacun Turkish Pizza
Lahmacun Turkish Pizza with Middle Eastern Spices
Lavash Bread
Layali Lubnan
M'hanncha (Moroccan snake cake)
Ma'amoul with Date Filling
Maamoul Cookies with Pistachio Filling
Mahalabia (Middle Eastern milk pudding)
Mahalabiya (Middle Eastern dessert)
Mahalabiya (Milk Pudding with Rosewater)
Mahalabiya with Orange Blossom Water and Pistachios
Manakish Middle Eastern Bread
Manakish Za'atar
Manakish Za'atar (Middle Eastern Flatbread with Thyme)
Manakish Za'atar Bread
Manakish Za'atar Flatbread
Mango and Pistachio Kulfi
Mango Pineapple Smoothie with Skyr
Markouk Bread
Middle Eastern Almond Cookies
Middle Eastern Barbari Bread with Za'atar and Olive Oil
Middle Eastern Chocolate Truffle Tart
Middle Eastern Flatbread with Talbina and Spiced Lamb
Middle Eastern Lavash Bread with Grilled Vegetables and Feta Cheese
Middle Eastern Lavash Bread with Talbina and Muhammara
Middle Eastern Manakish Bread with Talbina and Za'atar
Middle Eastern Markook Bread with Grilled Eggplant and Labneh
Middle Eastern Pita Bread with Hummus and Falafel
Middle Eastern Pita Bread with Talbina and Hummus
Middle Eastern Saj Bread with Talbina and Za'atar Dip
Middle Eastern Spiced Chocolate Cake
Moroccan Almond Cookies
Moroccan Mint Tea Sorbet
Moroccan Orange Cake
Orange and Almond Flourless Cake with Candied Orange Slices
Orange and Date Cake with Tahini Glaze
Orange Blossom Kanafeh Trifle
Pistachio and Cardamom Chocolate Truffles
Pistachio and Rose Water Kaak
Pistachio and Rosewater Bars
Pistachio and Rosewater Chocolate Bark
Pistachio Baklava
Pistachio Baklava Bambalouni
Pistachio Baklava Cookies
Pistachio Baklava Kolompeh
Pistachio Cardamom Cake (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Pistachio Chocolate Truffles
Pistachio Halva Ice Cream
Pistachio Kanafeh Rolls
Pistachio Maamoul
Pistachio Maamoul Cookies
Pistachio Masgati Baklava
Pistachio Rose Cake
Pistachio Rosewater Cookies
Pistachio Rosewater Cookies (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Pistachio Rosewater Semolina Cake
Pistachio Shortbread Cookies
Pita Bread
Pita Bread with Baba Ghanoush and Grilled Vegetables
Pita Bread with Hummus
Qatayef (Middle Eastern stuffed pancakes)
Qatayef (Stuffed Pancakes with Cream and Nuts)
Qatayef with Cream and Nuts
Rose and Almond Milk Pudding
Rose and Pistachio Chocolate Truffles
Rose and Pistachio Semolina Cake
Rosewater Almond Cookies
Rosewater and Cardamom Baklava
Rosewater and Cardamom Basbousa
Rosewater and Cardamom Maamoul Cookies
Rosewater and Cardamom Rice Pudding with Pistachios
Rosewater and Pistachio Ice Cream
Rosewater Kanafeh Pudding
Rosewater Rice Pudding
Rosewater Rice Pudding (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Rosewater Rice Pudding Kolompeh
Rosewater Rice Pudding with Pistachios
Rosewater Rice Pudding with Saffron and Cardamom
Rosewater Saffron Rice Pudding Bambalouni
Saffron and Almond Rice Pudding
Saffron and Honey Semolina Cake
Saffron and Pistachio Cake
Saffron Kanafeh Ice Cream
Saj Bread
Saj Bread with Chicken Shawarma and Garlic Sauce
Saj Bread with Grilled Halloumi and Vegetables
Saj Bread with Hummus and Baba Ghanoush
Saj Bread with Hummus and Falafel
Saj Bread with Lamb Kofta and Yogurt Sauce
Saj Bread with Spicy Ground Beef and Tahini Sauce
Saj Bread with Za'atar and Feta Cheese
Seffa Medfouna (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Seffa with Almonds and Raisins (Seffa)
Seffa with Dates and Almonds (Seffa)
Sellou (Moroccan sesame and almond candy)
Sesame and Almond Cookies with Honey Drizzle
Sfouf Cake with Pistachio and Rosewater Syrup
Shawarma Wrap
Shawarma Wrap Pita Bread
Shawarma Wrap with Homemade Lavash Bread
Shebakia (Moroccan honey cookies)
Shirmal Bread
Spinach and Feta Stuffed Markook Bread
Sutlac (Turkish Rice Pudding)
Taboon Bread
Taboon Bread with Za'atar and Olive Oil
Talbina Bread with Harissa and Grilled Vegetables
Talbina Bread with Sumac and Labneh
Talbina Bread with Tahini and Falafel
Talbina Bread with Za'atar and Feta Cheese
Tiramisu (Italian dessert)
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight (Lokum)
Turkish Delight Chocolate Truffles
Turkish Delight Cookies
Turkish Delight Ice Cream
Turkish Delight with Rose Water and Pistachios
Umm Ali (Egyptian Bread Pudding) with Almonds and Raisins
Umm Ali (Middle Eastern Dessert)
Umm Ali with Almonds and Raisins
Umm Ali with Puff Pastry and Nuts
Walnut and Honey Baklava
Walnut Maamoul
Walnut Maamoul Cookies
Za'atar bread
Za'atar Flatbread
Za'atar Khubz
Za'atar Markook Bread
Za'atar Saj Bread
Za'atar Samoon Bread
Baklava with Honey and Walnuts
Halva with Sesame Seeds and Honey
Kanafeh with Ricotta and Orange Blossom Syrup
Kunafa with Cheese and Syrup
Maamoul with Dates and Nuts
Rose Water Basbousa
Semolina Halva with Pistachios
Turkish Delight with Rosewater and Pistachios
Ma'amoul (Date-Filled Cookies)
Moroccan Almond Ghriba Cookies
Qatayef (Stuffed Pancakes)
Halawa Kahk
Kahk with Dates and Walnuts
Om Ali Kahk
Umm Ali
Kunafa Nabulsiya
Baklava with Rosewater Syrup
Halva with Pistachios and Rosewater
Kunafa with Cream and Nuts
Middle Eastern Style Künefe with Sweet Cheese
Qatayef (Stuffed Pancakes) with Cream and Nuts
Rosewater Künefe with Pistachios
Baklava (Middle Eastern pastry with layers of phyllo dough, nuts, and syrup)
Basbousa (Middle Eastern semolina cake with syrup)
Harissa (Moroccan spiced cake with almonds and honey)
Kunafa (Middle Eastern pastry with cheese and syrup)
M'hanncha (Moroccan almond pastry)
Mahalabia (Middle Eastern milk pudding with rosewater and pistachios)
Qatayef (Middle Eastern stuffed pancakes with cream and syrup)
Sfenj (Moroccan doughnuts) with honey syrup
Atayef (Middle Eastern stuffed pancakes)
Basbousa (Middle Eastern sweet cake)
Halva (Middle Eastern sesame-based sweet)
Kanafeh (Middle Eastern cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup)
Ma'amoul (Lebanese date-filled cookies)
Namoura (Lebanese semolina cake with sweet syrup)
Sfouf (Lebanese semolina cake)
Znoud el Sit (Lebanese cream-filled pastry)
Almond and Orange Blossom Basbousa Cake
Almond and Orange Blossom Semolina Cake
Baklava Parfait
Barbari Bread Recipe
Cardamom Almond Blondies
Cardamom and Pistachio Rice Pudding
Cardamom Coffee Cake with Date Streusel
Cardamom Honey Cupcakes
Cardamom Orange Blossom Cake
Cardamom Rice Pudding Parfait
Coconut Basbousa Squares
Date and Almond Milk Parfait
Date Maamoul Bars
Egyptian Fava Bean Breakfast with Pita Bread
Falafel Waffles with Tahini Sauce
Greek Yogurt and Honey Panna Cotta with Fig Compote
Halva Cake with Sesame Caramel
Halva Cupcakes
Honey and Fig Yogurt Parfait
Honey Cake with Tahini Frosting
Israeli Sabich Sandwich with Hummus and Egg
Ka'ak (Lebanese sesame bread rings)
Khobz Al Tannour Recipe
Kubaneh (Yemeni pull-apart bread)
Lahmacun (Turkish flatbread with meat topping)
Lavash Bread Recipe
Lebanese Manousheh with Za'atar and Cheese
Lemon and Olive Oil Cake with Candied Citrus
Manakish (Middle Eastern Pizza)
Manakish Za'atar Recipe
Markook Bread
Middle Eastern Pita Bread Recipe
Orange Blossom Almond Cake
Orange Blossom and Honey Phyllo Rolls
Orange Blossom Honey Cake Bars
Orange Blossom Semolina Parfait
Persian Kuku Sabzi with Yogurt and Bread
Pistachio Halva Parfait
Pistachio Rosewater Shortbread
Pita bread
Rosewater Panna Cotta Parfait
Rosewater Pistachio Cupcakes
Saffron and Almond Parfait
Saffron and Rosewater Pancakes with Pistachios
Saffron Rice Pudding with Pistachios
Saj Bread Recipe
Saj Bread with Falafel
Sesame Tahini Fudge
Shakshuka Pancakes
Shirmal Bread Recipe
Simit (Turkish sesame bread)
Taboon Bread Recipe
Tahini and Date Ma'amoul Cookies
Turkish Delight and Pistachio Chocolate Bark
Turkish Delight Parfait
Turkish Delight Squares
Turkish Menemen with Pita Bread
Za'atar and Feta Pancakes
Za'atar Flatbread Recipe
Za'atar Khobz
Almond and Orange Blossom Kolompeh Tart
Almond and Semolina Basbousa
Almond Masgati Cake
Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Smoothie
Apricot and Ginger Kolompeh Bars
Authentic Sfenj with Orange Blossom Water
Baklava Chocolate Truffles
Basbousa Cookies
Blueberry Banana Icelandic Smoothie Bowl
Cardamom and Honey Basbousa
Cardamom Chocolate Truffles
Cardamom Coconut Maamoul with Fig Filling
Cardamom Masgati Cookies
Cardamom Rose Kadayıf
Chocolate and Hazelnut Kolompeh Truffles
Chocolate Basbousa with Tahini Drizzle
Chocolate Coconut Maamoul with Hazelnut Filling
Chocolate Peanut Butter Icelandic Smoothie
Cinnamon Coconut Maamoul with Apple Filling
Cinnamon Walnut Kadayıf
Classic Basbousa Recipe
Classic Kunafa with Orange Blossom Syrup
Classic Pistachio Kanafeh
Classic Sfenjs with Honey Syrup
Coconut and Pistachio Kolompeh Cake
Coconut Basbousa with Rosewater Syrup
Coconut Maamoul with Pistachio Filling
Coconut Mango Icelandic Smoothie Bowl
Coconut Masgati Truffles
Crispy and Golden Sfenj Fritters
Date and Walnut Kadayıf
Date and Walnut Kolompeh Bars
Date Chocolate Truffles
Date Filled Cookies
Date Masgati Bars
Date-filled Cookies
Easy Homemade Sfenj Recipe
Fig and Honey Kolompeh Rolls
Figs stuffed with walnuts and honey
Fluffy and Delicious Sfenj Donuts
Ghraybeh Cookies
Ginger Coconut Maamoul with Mango Filling
Gingerbread Kadayıf
Gluten-Free Coconut Maamoul with Almond Filling
Green Goddess Breakfast Smoothie
Halva Cookies
Homemade Pita Bread
Honey Masgati Baklava
Irresistible Sfenj with Cinnamon and Cardamom
Koulourakia Cookies
Lemon and Poppy Seed Basbousa
Lemon Coconut Maamoul with Blueberry Filling
Mamool Cookies
Mango Pineapple Breakfast Smoothie
Mini Pistachio Kanafeh Cups
Mixed Berry Icelandic Smoothie
Nutella Baklava Kadayıf
Orange Blossom Almond Kadayıf
Orange Blossom and Almond Kunafa Bites
Orange Blossom and Cardamom Kunafa Cheesecake
Orange Blossom and Cinnamon Kunafa Rolls
Orange Blossom and Coconut Kunafa Trifle
Orange Blossom and Date Kunafa Pudding
Orange Blossom and Honey Kunafa Tart
Orange Blossom and Rose Kunafa Rolls
Orange Blossom Chocolate Truffles
Orange Blossom Kunafa Cups with Vanilla Cream
Orange Blossom Kunafa with Pistachios
Orange Blossom Masgati Tart
Orange Coconut Maamoul with Apricot Filling
Peach Almond Breakfast Smoothie
Perfectly Fried Sfenj with Powdered Sugar
Pistachio and Cardamom Kanafeh Rolls
Pistachio and Chocolate Kanafeh Parfait
Pistachio and Cinnamon Kanafeh Bites
Pistachio and Coconut Kanafeh Trifle
Pistachio and Date Kanafeh Bars
Pistachio and Honey Kanafeh Tart
Pistachio and Orange Blossom Kanafeh
Pistachio and Rosewater Basbousa
Pistachio and Rosewater Kolompeh Cookies
Pistachio Basbousa Cake
Pistachio Kanafeh with Rosewater Syrup
Pistachio Masgati Bars
Raspberry Chia Seed Icelandic Smoothie
Rose Coconut Maamoul with Raspberry Filling
Rosewater Chocolate Truffles
Rosewater Masgati
Saffron and Cardamom Kolompeh Biscuits
Saffron Chocolate Truffles
Saffron Honey Kadayıf
Saffron Masgati Pudding
Sesame and Molasses Kolompeh Cookies
Sesame Cookies
Sesame Halva Bars
Soft and Chewy Sfenj with Sesame Seeds
Spiced Apple Kadayıf
Spiced Pistachio Kadayıf
Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie
Sweet and Sticky Sfenj with Date Syrup
Traditional Moroccan Sfenj Recipe
Traditional Persian Kolompeh Recipe
Turkish Delight Kadayıf
Vanilla Almond Cake with Orange Blossom Syrup
Vanilla Baklava Cake with Honey Buttercream
Vanilla Basbousa Cake
Vanilla Cardamom Cake with Rosewater Glaze
Vanilla Date Cake with Caramel Sauce
Vanilla Halva Cake with Tahini Frosting
Vanilla Kunafa Cake with Ricotta Filling
Vanilla Maamoul Cake with Date Filling
Vanilla Saffron Cake with Honey Syrup
Vanilla Semolina Cake with Pistachios
Vegan Coconut Maamoul with Date Filling
Walnut Masgati Brownies