Gamey Lamb Chops with Pickled Game Vegetables
Kasha Varnishkas with Roasted Red Peppers
Khao Lam with Banana and Coconut
Khao Lam with Coconut and Pandan
Khao Lam with Coconut Milk
Khao Lam with Tapioca and Coconut
Pickled Venison Steaks
Kerguelen Cabbage and Bacon Salad
Khanom Chan with Durian
Slow Cooker Kassler with Apples
Kupati Kebab
Khao Jee Pâté with Olives
Coconut Uji Porridge
Duck Pörkölt
Ebi Katsudon
Kenyan-style Vegetable Kebabs with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Bacon, Kerguelen Cabbage, and Kale Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette
Kassler Pork and Red Cabbage Slaw with Mustard Dressing
Spicy Tuna Pâté Khao Jee Tartlets
Bourbon and Garlic BBQ Sauce
Buckwheat and Mushroom Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Jewish Buckwheat and Cabbage Dish)
Poultry and Hungarian Duck Meatballs with Tomato-Paprika Sauce
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Longan (Khao Niew Lam Yai)
Bourbon Barbecue Sauce
Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp and Lemongrass
Vegetable Tempura Donburi Bowl
Thai Coconut Custard (Sangkaya)
African Spiced Kebabs with Kenyan Pilau Rice
Kebab Kachumbari with Kenyan-style Chapati Bread
Kebab Mishkaki with Kenyan-style Coconut Rice
Kebab Samosas with Kenyan-style Tomato and Onion Salad
Kenyan Chicken Kebabs with Peanut Sauce
Kenyan Kebab Kupati Kebab
Kenyan-style Fish Kebabs with Mango Salsa
Kenyan-style Grilled Beef Kebabs with Spicy Tomato Chutney
Kenyan-style Lamb Kebabs with Mint Yogurt Sauce
Bacon and Kerguelen Cabbage Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
Bacon, Kerguelen Cabbage, and Apple Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing
Bacon, Kerguelen Cabbage, and Quinoa Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette
Beef Gyudon Rice Bowl
Beer-braised Kassler Pork and Onion Gravy with Spaetzle
Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Bourbon Peach BBQ Sauce
Chicken Katsu Donburi Bowl
Chicken Liver Pâté Khao Jee Appetizers
Foie Gras Pâté Khao Jee Crostini
Gamey Beef Stew with Pickled Vegetables
German-style Kassler Pork and Apple Stew
German-style Pork Schnitzel with Kassler Pork
Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad with Kerguelen Cabbage and Avocado
Grilled Kassler Pork Chops with German-style Potato Salad
Kassler Pork and Potato Casserole with Mustard Cream Sauce
Kassler Pork and Sauerkraut Soup with Rye Bread Croutons
Kassler Pork and Sauerkraut Strudel with Caraway Seeds
Kassler Pork Chops with Sauerkraut and Potatoes
Kerguelen Cabbage and Bacon Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp
Kerguelen Cabbage and Bacon Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Pecans
Kerguelen Cabbage and Bacon Slaw with Creamy Ranch Dressing
Mushroom Pâté Khao Jee Canapés
Pad Thai with Shrimp and Tofu
Pickled Duck Breast with Braised Game Meat
Pickled Venison Meatballs
Pickled Wild Boar Ribs with Smoked Meat
Pork Tonkatsu Donburi Bowl
Roasted Beet and Bacon Salad with Kerguelen Cabbage and Feta Cheese
Slow-cooked Kassler Pork and Cabbage Stew
Smoked Salmon Pâté Khao Jee Bites
Smoky Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Thai Basil Chicken Stir Fry
Thai Green Curry with Chicken
Thai Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream
Tuna Poke Donburi Bowl
Warm Bacon and Kerguelen Cabbage Salad with Poached Eggs and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Bourbon and Apple Cider Vinegar BBQ Sauce
Bourbon and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce
Bourbon and Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce
Kentucky Bourbon Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Kentucky Bourbon Hot Sauce
Kentucky Bourbon Mustard Sauce
Southern Bourbon Molasses BBQ Sauce
Southern Bourbon Peach BBQ Sauce
Khanom Buang (Thai Crispy Pancakes with Coconut Cream and Filling)
Khanom Chan (Layered Thai Dessert)
Khanom Mo Kaeng (Thai Steamed Pumpkin Custard)
Mango and Sticky Rice Pudding (Khanom Khao Niao Mamuang)
Thai Tea Ice Cream with Condensed Milk Sauce
Buckwheat Blintzes with Apple Cinnamon Filling (Jewish Buckwheat Crepes)
Buckwheat Kugel with Raisins and Cinnamon (Jewish Buckwheat Pudding)
Buckwheat Latkes with Smoked Salmon and Horseradish Cream (Jewish Buckwheat Potato Pancakes)
Grilled Poultry with Hungarian Cherry Sauce
Hungarian Duck and Chicken Paprikash with Nokedli (Hungarian Dumplings)
Hungarian Duck Breast with Red Cabbage and Apples
Hungarian Duck Confit with Roasted Vegetables
Hungarian Duck Goulash
Hungarian Duck Paprikash
Kasha Varnishkes (Jewish Buckwheat Groats and Noodles)
Poultry and Hungarian Duck Casserole with Paprika Cream Sauce
Poultry and Hungarian Duck Stew with Dumplings
Roasted Poultry with Hungarian Spices
Sticky Rice with Mango and Coconut Cream (Khao Niew Mamuang)
Thai Coconut Milk Pudding (Khanom Mo Kaeng)
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Black Beans (Khao Niew Dam)
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Corn (Khao Niew Khao Pod)
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Durian (Khao Niew Turian)
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Jackfruit (Khao Niew Khanun)
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Pandan (Khao Niew Bai Toey)
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Taro (Khao Niew Puak)
Bourbon Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce
Coconut and Buckwheat Porridge with Almonds
Coconut and Chia Seed Porridge with Mango
Coconut and Oat Porridge with Blueberries
Coconut and Quinoa Porridge with Berries
Creamy Coconut and Millet Porridge
Kentucky Bourbon Glaze
Kentucky Bourbon Mustard BBQ Sauce
Kenyan Uji Porridge with Cardamom and Dates
Kenyan Uji Porridge with Cinnamon and Honey
Kenyan Uji Porridge with Coconut Milk
Kenyan Uji Porridge with Peanut Butter and Banana
Kenyan Uji Porridge with Spiced Apples
Southern-style BBQ Sauce with Bourbon
Sticky Rice with Mango (Khao Niew Mamuang)
Sweet and Spicy Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Thai Banana Fritters (Gluay Tod)
Thai Black Sticky Rice Pudding (Khao Neow Dum Piek)
Thai Coconut Pudding (Khanom Krok)
Thai Pandan Custard (Sangkaya Bai Toey)
Thai Red Ruby Dessert (Tub Tim Grob)
Thai Steamed Banana Cake (Khanom Kluay)
Thai Sweet Potato Balls in Coconut Cream (Bua Loy)
Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream (Khao Tom Mad)
Thai Tapioca Pudding with Coconut Cream (Saku Sai Mai)