Hibiscus Agua Fresca
Té de Jamaica
Horchata de Arroz (Mexican Rice Milk)
Mexican Horchata
Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate
Chamomile and Hibiscus Tea
Chamomile and Mint Tea
Cinnamon and Vanilla Mexican Coffee
Cinnamon and Vanilla Mexican Hot Chocolate
Hibiscus and Cinnamon Tea (Jamaica)
Mexican Chocolate Chai
Mexican Limeade (Agua de Limón)
Mexican Mint Tea
Mexican Mint Tea (Hierba Buena)
Mexican Spiced Hot Apple Cider
Mexican Spiced Tea with Orange and Cinnamon
Mint and Lime Agua Fresca
Pineapple and Cactus Herbal Tea
Rosemary and Orange Infused Water
Spiced Mexican Hot Cider
Tamarind and Ginger Tea