Nostrano (local produce)
California Apricot and Georgia Peach Cobbler with Local Vanilla Ice Cream
California Apricot and Georgia Peach Jam with Local Biscuits
Carrot and Local Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken
Clafoutis with Local Berries and French Almond Cream
French Macarons with Local Honey
Gateau Basque with Local Cherries
Georgia Peach and California Apricot Chutney with Local Pork Tenderloin
Georgia Peach and California Apricot Salsa with Local Tortilla Chips
Grilled Peach and Apricot Skewers with Local Honey Glaze
Grilled Peach and Blueberry Salad with Local Greens
Local Arugula and Spinach Salad with Grilled Georgia Peaches and California Apricots
Local Beet and Apple Risotto with Parmesan and Thyme
Local Beet and Apple Slaw with Honey Mustard Dressing
Local Beet and Apple Soup with Roasted Vegetables
Local Beet and Apple Tart with Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese
Local Blueberry, Georgia Peach, and California Apricot Smoothie Bowl
Local Carrot and Ginger Soup with Roasted Carrot Croutons
Local Goat Cheese and Georgia Peach Stuffed California Apricots
Local Peach and Blueberry Smoothie Bowl with Maine Granola Topping
Local Tomato, Peach, and Apricot Gazpacho
Maine Blueberry and Georgia Peach Jam with Local Honey
Peach and Apricot Salad with Local Greens
Peach and Blueberry Cobbler with Local Vanilla Ice Cream
Peach and Blueberry Crumble with Local Honey
Profiteroles with Local Cream and French Chocolate Sauce
Roasted Beet and Apple Salad with Local Greens
Roasted Carrot and Beet Salad with Local Greens
Roasted Carrot and Local Goat Cheese Tart
Roasted Carrot and Local Kale Salad with Maple Vinaigrette
Tarte Tatin with Local Apples
African Vegetable and Local Bean Stew
African Vegetable and Local Carrot Soup with Ginger
African Vegetable and Local Tomato Sauce with Pasta
African Vegetable Curry with Local Squash
African Vegetable Stew with Local Root Vegetables
Local Beet and African Spinach Soup
Local Butternut Squash and African Okra Stew
Local Greens and African Peanut Soup
Local Sweet Potato and African Kale Salad
Local Turnip and African Collard Greens Stir Fry
Teriyaki Glazed Mahi Mahi with Bok Choy (Asian-inspired dish with Oahu's local fish)
Homemade Pumpkin Bread from Local Bakery
Local Bakery's Famous Pumpkin Bread Recipe
Local Bakery's Secret Pumpkin Bread Recipe
Pumpkin Bread with a Local Twist
The Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe from a Local Baker
Crispy Baked Potato Wedges
Quick Pickled Carrots
Pheasant and Chestnut Soup
Pheasant and Wild Rice Salad
Peach-Raspberry Compote
Roasted Garlic Poulette Sauce
Roasted Rutabaga with Thyme
Peach-Mint Confiture
Apfelwein Slushie
Potted Shrimp with Capers and White Wine
Potted Shrimp with Garlic and Chives
Potted Shrimp with Tomatoes and Basil
Pheasant and Wild Rice Soup
Tigernut Oil-Glazed Carrots
BBQ Chicken Salad Sandwich
Crispy Potato Chip Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
Potted Shrimp and Clam Linguine
Roasted Garlic and Basil Turkey Sauce
Salmon and Dill Pâté with Toasted Baguette
Nacho Cheese Potato Wedges
Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Bread
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Sweet Potato Pie
Raggmunk (Swedish Potato Pancakes)
Bacon and Potato Quiche
Pecan Pie
BBQ Sweet Potato Chips
Cheesy Potato Croquettes
Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges
Rosemary Sea Salt Potato Chips
Chili Cheese Fries
Oysters Rockefeller
Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic Aioli
BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich
BBQ Pulled Pork Potato Chip Sliders
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Biscuits and Gravy
Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche
Buffalo Chicken Salad Sandwich
Caprese Chicken Panini
Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich
Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy
Classic Potted Shrimps
Classic Quiche Lorraine
Collard Greens and Ham Hocks
Crab Cakes with Tartar Sauce
Creamy Garlic and Mushroom Chicken Sauce
Creamy Roasted Garlic Turkey Sauce
Fish and Chips with Homemade Tartar Sauce
Fisherman's Pie with Potted Shrimps
Fried Chicken and Waffles
Garlic and Herb Roasted Chicken Sauce
Garlic and Lemon Roasted Chicken Sauce
Gravlax with Mustard-Dill Sauce
Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad with Avocado Dressing
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with Homemade Dressing
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Avocado and Bacon
Grilled Scallops with Garlic Butter
Jansson's Temptation (Swedish Potato and Anchovy Casserole)
Lemon Garlic Grilled Chicken Sauce
Loaded Baked Potato Skins
Loaded Potato Chip Nachos
Lobster Bisque with Crusty Bread
Mushroom and Gruyere Quiche
Pimento Cheese and Bacon Burger
Potato and Cheese Pierogi
Potato and Chorizo Empanadas
Potato Skin Bites with Bacon and Cheese
Potted Shrimp and Cod Cakes
Potted Shrimp and Crab Toasts
Potted Shrimp and Haddock Chowder
Potted Shrimp and Lobster Bisque
Potted Shrimp and Scallop Risotto
Potted Shrimp and Smoked Salmon Terrine
Potted Shrimp Toasts
Prawn Cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce
Red Beans and Rice
Roasted Garlic and Herb Chicken Sauce
Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Turkey Sauce
Roasted Garlic and Sage Turkey Sauce
Roasted Garlic and Thyme Turkey Sauce
Seafood Platter with Potted Shrimps
Seared Tuna with Wasabi Mayo
Shrimp and Grits
Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Bites
Smörgåstårta (Swedish Sandwich Cake)
Spinach and Feta Quiche
Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce
Sweet Potato Casserole
Sweet Potato Chip Bruschetta
Twice Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar
Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Skins
Loaded Baked Potato Chips
Ranch Roasted Potato Bites
Spicy Buffalo Potato Chips
Truffle Parmesan Potato Chips
Cheesy Potato Bread
Potato Cheddar Jalapeno Bread
Savory Potato Bread
Cheesy Potato Quiche
Chicken and Bacon Ranch Sandwich
Ham and Potato Quiche
Potato and Leek Quiche
Sweet Potato and Bacon Quiche
Zucchini and Potato Quiche
Apple Wine Bellini
Apple Wine Cosmopolitan
Apple Wine Margarita
Apple Wine Moscow Mule
Apple Wine Spritzer
Baked Potato Chip Onion Rings
Baked Potato Chips with Rosemary and Sea Salt
British Style Potted Shrimp Toast
Buffalo Chicken Potato Chip Dip
Cheddar Potato Bread with Jalapeno
Cheesy Jalapeno Potato Rolls
Cheesy Potato Bread with Jalapeno
Cheesy Potato Chip Dip
Chicken and Apple Salad Sandwich
Chicken and Mango Salad Sandwich
Classic British Potted Shrimps Appetizer
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich
Creamy Pheasant and Potato Soup
Creamy Pheasant Soup with Wild Rice
Creamy Potted Shrimp Dip
Crispy Potato Chip Chicken Fingers
German Apple Wine Hot Toddy
German Apple Wine Mimosa
German Apple Wine Old Fashioned
German Apple Wine Punch
German Apple Wine Sangria
Greek Chicken Salad Sandwich
Grilled Chicken and Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate Dressing
Grilled Chicken and Spinach Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Grilled Chicken and Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint
Hearty Pheasant and Vegetable Soup
Jalapeno and Cheese Stuffed Potato Bread
Loaded Baked Potato Chip Dip
Mini Potato and Bacon Frittatas
Parmesan and Herb Potato Stacks
Pheasant and Apple Salad with Maple Mustard Dressing
Pheasant and Arugula Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette
Pheasant and Barley Soup with Vegetables
Pheasant and Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts
Pheasant and Corn Chowder
Pheasant and Kale Salad with Roasted Squash and Pecans
Pheasant and Mushroom Soup with Thyme
Pheasant and Sweet Potato Soup with Sage
Pheasant and Wild Mushroom Soup
Pheasant and Wild Rice Salad with Cranberries and Almonds
Potato and Cheddar Bread with Jalapeno
Potato and Cheddar Loaf with Jalapeno
Potato and Cheese Focaccia with Jalapeno
Potato Chip-Crusted Mozzarella Sticks
Potato, Cheddar, and Jalapeno Scones
Potted Shrimp and Avocado Toast
Potted Shrimp and Crab Appetizer
Potted Shrimp and Cucumber Bites
Potted Shrimp and Lobster Appetizer
Potted Shrimp and Scallop Appetizer
Savory Potato and Cheese Bread
Slow Cooker Pheasant Noodle Soup
Smoked Salmon and Potted Shrimp Canapés
Spicy Pheasant and Lentil Soup
Spicy Potato Chip Crusted Shrimp
Spicy Seafood Potted Shrimps