Beef Lamprais
Chicken Lamprais
Crab Lamprais
Egg Lamprais
Fish Lamprais
Lamb Lamprais
Mutton Lamprais
Pork Lamprais
Prawn Lamprais
Vegetable Lamprais
Asian Style Lamprais
Lamprais Fried Rice with Asian Flavors
Spicy Sri Lankan Rice with Lamprais
Sri Lankan Lamprais Rice
Sri Lankan Spiced Lamb and Rice Lamprais
Alloco and Plantain Pie
Plantain and Groundnut Soup
Jollof Rice with Fried Plantains
Kelewele (Spicy Fried Plantains)
Plantain and Coconut Curry
Baked Plantain Chips with African Spices
Moin Moin (Steamed Bean Pudding) with Plantains
Plantain and Black Bean Empanadas
Plantain and Peanut Stew
Plantain Fufu
West African Plantain Pies