Ice Cream Anmitsu
Azuki Bean Ice Cream Anmitsu with Warabi Mochi
Black Sesame Ice Cream Anmitsu
Hojicha Ice Cream Anmitsu with Kuromitsu Syrup
Kinako Ice Cream Anmitsu with Brown Sugar Syrup
Mango Pudding Ice Cream Anmitsu
Matcha Ice Cream Anmitsu
Mochi Ice Cream Anmitsu
Strawberry Daifuku Ice Cream Anmitsu
Quince Cheese and Pear Pizza
Italian Four Cheese Pizza with Roasted Garlic and Papaya
Green Tea Anmitsu with Red Bean Paste
Yuzu Sorbet Anmitsu with Fresh Fruit
Hawaiian Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza with Avocado
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza
Hawaiian Coconut Shrimp Pizza with Alfredo Sauce
Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Pizza with Pesto Sauce
Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Pizza with Red Onion and Cilantro
Italian Caprese Pizza with Balsamic Glaze and Kiwi
Italian Margherita Pizza with Pineapple
Italian Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza with Grilled Peaches
Italian Sausage and Mushroom Pizza with Mango Salsa