Classic Hungarian Lángos
Classic Hungarian Túrós Csusza
Classic Hungarian Goulash
Classic Hungarian Beef Goulash
Classic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash
Classic Hungarian Bean Soup
Classic Hungarian Gundel Pancakes with Chocolate and Walnut Filling
Classic Hungarian Omelette
Umeshu Pina Colada
Umeshu and Apple Juice
Umeshu and Cranberry Juice
Umeshu and Ginger Ale
Umeshu and Grapefruit Juice
Umeshu and Orange Juice
Umeshu and Pineapple Juice
Umeshu and Soda
Umeshu and Tonic
Umeshu Paloma
Dobos Torte (Hungarian Layer Cake)
Umeshu Sangria
Japanese Plum Fizz
Japanese Plum Old Fashioned
Japanese Whisky Highball with Umeshu
Umeshu Collins
Umeshu Fizz
Umeshu Margarita
Umeshu Martini
Umeshu Mojito
Umeshu Mule
Umeshu Sour
Umeshu Spritz
Chicken Paprikash
Hungarian Beef Stew
Langos (Hungarian Fried Bread)