Liverwurst and Onion Sandwich
Grilled Cheese and Ham Sandwich with Tomato Soup (can be served cold)
Charcuterie Sandwich with Prosciutto, Salami, and Brie
Cold Sandwich with Turkey, Avocado, and Bacon
German-style Liverwurst Sandwich with Pickles and Mustard
Charcuterie BLT Sandwich
Charcuterie Club Sandwich
Charcuterie Muffuletta Sandwich
Charcuterie Reuben Sandwich
Charcuterie Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich
Charcuterie Veggie Sandwich
French Charcuterie Baguette
German Charcuterie Rye Bread Sandwich
German-Style Liverwurst Sandwich with Mustard and Pickles
Italian Charcuterie Sandwich
Liverwurst and Apple Sandwich with Honey Mustard
Liverwurst and Avocado Sandwich with Cucumber and Radish
Liverwurst and Bacon Sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato
Liverwurst and Cheese Sandwich with Dijon Mustard
Liverwurst and Egg Salad Sandwich with Arugula
Liverwurst and Onion Sandwich with Horseradish Sauce
Liverwurst and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich with Basil Mayo
Liverwurst and Sauerkraut Sandwich with Rye Bread
Liverwurst and Smoked Gouda Sandwich with Red Onion
Spanish Charcuterie Panini