Traditional Garrapiñadas with Caramelized Sugar
Bulgogi Sliders
Chocotorta with Caramelized Sugar and Garrapiñadas
Vietnamese Banh Mi Sliders with Pickled Carrots and Sriracha Mayo
Alfajores with Caramelized Sugar and Garrapiñadas
Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding) with Garrapiñadas
Churros with Caramelized Sugar and Garrapiñadas
Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Garrapiñadas
Empanadas de Dulce de Leche with Garrapiñadas
Flan de Cajeta (Caramel Flan) with Garrapiñadas
Garrapiñadas de Nuez con Azúcar Caramelizado
Pastel de Tres Leches with Garrapiñadas
Tres Leches Cake with Caramelized Sugar
Asian Pork Sliders with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Bao Bun Sliders with Crispy Pork Belly and Sriracha Mayo
Chicken Satay Sliders with Peanut Sauce and Cucumber Salad
Hoisin Glazed Meatball Sliders with Pickled Vegetables
Korean Beef Sliders with Kimchi Mayo
Spicy Tuna Poke Sliders with Avocado Crema
Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumpling Sliders with Soy Ginger Dipping Sauce
Teriyaki Chicken Sliders with Pineapple Salsa
Thai Shrimp Sliders with Mango Salsa